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Introducing PALAPA: handwoven, heirloom, huaraches.

We are a female-founded brand introducing handwoven leather sandals with a minimalist twist.
Introducing PALAPA: handwoven, heirloom, huaraches. | Palapa
Palapa sandals Acapulco in olive with turmeric color stripes

We are PALAPA, a women-founded brand based in California, offering a contemporary interpretation of traditional handwoven leather sandals from Mexico —known in Spanish simply as huaraches— by elevating its heirloom stripe-based design with modern versatility, unprecedented high-quality materials, and next-level comfort. 

The golden age of huaraches

A quality driven version of huaraches, the traditional footwear from Mexico, our sandals are made with buttery soft leather and padded cushioning, providing women with beautiful, soft and comfortable shoes to wear everywhere, everyday with everything.

PALAPA sandals Sahuayo in sand

Women should not have to sacrifice style for comfort

We founded PALAPA on the principle that women should not have to sacrifice style for comfort, and are committed to providing the highest quality, versatile shoe that honors its heirloom design while becoming an everyday staple in the modern woman’s closet.

PALAPA sandals are mindfully assembled by hand by highly trained cobblers in Mexico. Each pair of PALAPAs is handwoven by one skilled artisan to achieve a uniform, cohesive weave.

PALAPAS assembled by our  skilled team of female artisans from Michoacan, Mexico

PALAPA takes pride in offering a product that is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. The brand’s leather provider is based in León, Guanajuato, and is one of the few in the world with a gold standard in ecological and ethical practices from the rigorous International Leather Working Group. The result is a sandal made with leather treated with 100% natural components, metal free, and without chrome.


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