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  Features  “Wonderfully soft, comfortable mules ethically made in Mexico are sure to please even the pickiest mother-in-law.” Town and Country Mag     “Strappy little sandals are all well and good for the beach, but city dwellers need something more substantial. Enter Palapa, a sustainably minded, slow-fashion brand that specializes in huaraches.” Airmail     “Sustainably made in Mexico, Palapa sandals are unique yet timeless. Case in point: This Palapa Comala: handwoven by local female artisans and made for the woman on the go."  Popsugar     “The wardrobe staple that keeps on giving.”  Byrdie     "As much as I always want to wear...

Give meaning to your footwear experience. | Palapa

Give meaning to your footwear experience.


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Handmade by tradition, tailored to your modern feet.

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