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From Mexico's tropics, with love.
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Traditional process, timeless aesthetic. We honor tradition by mindfully crafting our sandals with responsible materials.

Wellness for your feet | Palapa

Wellness for your feet

We believe your feet deserves wellness and that is why we carefully selected a leather partner that uses 100% natural components in the tanning process, turning our sandals not only silky-smooth but also antibacterial and antiallergenic.

Preserving slow fashion

We believe the cult for fast-made items has already become a big burden for ourselves and for our world so will continue to make things right by manufacturing long-lasting and well-made products.

Preserving slow fashion | Palapa
Ethically made | Palapa

Ethically made

We are partnered with a female-lead manufacturer in Mexico that supports ethical, safe and fully health-insured labor.

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Handmade by tradition, tailored to your modern feet.

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