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From Mexico's tropics, with love.
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Traditional process, timeless aesthetic. We honor tradition by mindfully crafting our sandals with responsible materials.

Sustainable and smooth | Palapa

Sustainable and smooth

Our vegetable tanned leather is treated with 100% natural components that make it silky-smooth, biodegradable and anti-alergenic. We carefully selected a leather partner that meets the highest standard of environmental certification. We believe your feet (and our world!) deserve the best.

Preserving slow tradition

We tailor Mexico’s handwoven huaraches into your new forever sandals. Our secret? We are mindful in every step of the production chain and use the highest quality materials. Our pillar? We work at the right speed. Instead of doing things as fast as possible, we do them as good as possible.

Preserving slow tradition | Palapa
Empowering women | Palapa

Empowering women

Our sandals are handwoven by a skilled team of women artisans from Michoacán, Mexico. With every pair of PALAPAS you purchase, you are helping us achieve our goal of improving their quality of life.

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Handmade by tradition, tailored to your modern feet.

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