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“We founded PALAPA on the principle that women should not have to sacrifice style for comfort, and are committed to providing the highest quality not only in aesthetics but in the raw material you are stepping your feet on. That is why we have the highest quality leather in the market, one that provides wellness to your feet because it is breathable, antiallergenic and flexible. We have a motto that says: “wear every day, everywhere with everything” and we mean it. We essentially designed a sandal that gets more comfortable the more you wear it." 
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Airmail, Palapa Feature in Airmail, No. 94, May, 2021.
Chanel Butler, “Eco Chic: Sustainable Sandals to Wear All Summer Long, May, 2020.
Nicole Kleist,  "14 White T-Shirt Outfits You'll Wear Over and Over Again,” Byrdie, Nov, 2021.
Morgan Halberg, “Jet Set: Fashionable and Functional Vacation Must-Haves, The Observer, July, 2021.
Andrea Zendejas, “27 Thank You Gifts That Really Mean It,” Harper’s Bazar, October 2021.

    Interviews & Essays
    Lorena Marron (Palapa’s Founder and CEO),How One Founder's Love For Huaraches Led Her To Start Her Own Sandal Company, Worth Magazine, April, 2021.
    Lorena Marron (Palapa’s Founder and CEO) in interview with Candice Georgiadis Female Founders: Lorena Marron of Palapa On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder, Authority Magazine, August, 2021.
    Lorena Marron (Palapa’s Founder and CEO) in Interview for Leather Naturally, Leather Naturally, October, 2021. 

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