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Sustainability | Palapa

We crafted our business as a palapa: weaving our values to deliver an honest shoe while providing a safe roof for the people making them, and a shelter for the ones that need us more.

Small batch, guaranteed

We believe the trend for fast-made items has already become a big burden for our world so we'll continue to work in small batches with the purpose of manufacturing well-made and long lasting products, while reducing our environmental impact.

Small batch, guaranteed | Palapa
Honest walks | Palapa

Honest walks

We believe in delivering an honest shoe for your everyday walks, investing in eco-friendly processes every step of the way: from tanning to packaging.


Fashion manufacture is usually led by pathriarcal low-wage structures in which women feel unsafe while working long and inflexible hours. We are proud of our female-led manufacturing team, leading a small workshop with ethics and respect.

Female-led | Palapa
Palapa means shelter | Palapa

Palapa means shelter

5% of sales will go directly to ALTERNATIVAS PACÍFICAS an organization in Mexico that provides shelter, resources and compassionate services to women and children victims of violence.

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